You can get active identity counts for a selected environment over a specified time period. The GET /environments/{environmentId}/activeIdentityCounts request must specify a SCIM filtering expression that designates a start date and a sampling period value in the request URL.

The GET /environments/{environmentId}/activeIdentityCounts?filter=startDate ge "2019-05-01T19:00:00Z" and samplingPeriod eq "10"&limit=10&order=-startDate" operation returns active identity counts for the designated number of sampling periods from the specified start date.

Filtering result data

The GET request for active identity counts requires a SCIM filter to specify start date and sampling period values. The end date is set automatically to the current date; it cannot be set manually in the request. For example, this SCIM filter returns active identity counts divided into time periods of one hour from the start date of “2019-01-01” for the specified sampling period. The response lists 10 records (periods) per page:{environmentId}/activeIdentityCounts?limit=10&filter=startDate ge "2019-01-01T00:00:00Z" AND samplingPeriod eq 1